Battle Garegga and Dangun Feveron to PS4!

M2, a Japanese video game developer, best known for handling emulation of re-released games, is putting some love to the PS4!
It is porting two great games Battle Garegga Rev.2016 and Dangun Feveron. These are part of the M2 ShotTriggers series.

Battle Garegga is a real classic, created by 8ing and considered as one of the greatest. The scene is an industrial setting with lots of activity going on. The amount of bullets is not as crazy like with later shmups, but due to the low visibility of the bullets you will have a hard time keeping it up. You will for sure enjoy this titel.
The standard edition will be digital-only, but a limited retail Premium Edition including a soundtrack CD, special booklet, and five clear files will also be available. You can find a good review here.

Dangun Feveron is a lesser known and also never before ported game from CAVE. This wacky game with disco tunes is all about picking up robots that fall out of the ships that you shoot. Compared to the industrial or futuristic like designs of other shumps, Feveron is actually quite refreshing. You can find a good review here.

source: Famitsu and Hardcoregamer