CAVE Full Kit Protection cases

Finally a good way to protect your full kit CAVE boxes. The online shop Save your games has made exactly that!

It is a very sturdy transparent plastic casing, similar what you see a lot these days for older console boxed games. It slips very tightly around the carton box. It is not air tight, but that is allright.

It is compatible with the following kits:

    Akai Katana
    Death Smiles
    Death Smiles Mega black label
    Do-don-pachi Daj ou jou Black Label
    Do-don-pachi Daj ou jou
    Do-Don-pachi Dai-fukkatsu
    Do-Don-pachi Dai-fukkatsu black label
    Do-Don-pachi Saidaioujou
    Espgaluda II
    Ibara Kuro black label
    Muchi Muchi pork
    Mushihimesama futari
    Mushihimesama futari black label
    Pink Sweets

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