Fast Striker available for PS4/Vita

Some people might still remembe NG:DEV.TEAM releasing in 2010 the AES version of their game Fast Striker for a hefty 440 euro. In the same year they also released the Dreamcast version, as a regular and limited edition.

The game is a 2D arcade shooting game with emphasis on scoring. The game lets the player choose between 3 game modes with different scoring systems. Novice Mode for beginners, Original Mode for classic Shoot’ em Up players and Maniac for very experienced players. It features six stages of excellent 2D arcade game play with over 40 unique enemy types, super smooth 3D scrolling backgrounds, huge CGI bosses and it features the biggest megabit count ever since the beginning of NEO·GEO games.

Today it is announced they will release the game on the PS4 and the PS Vita. Both digitally and physically (through This is great news, as it is a good game. Check out the new trailer below!

PS4/Vita Trailer:

Original website:
Interview with developer: