Ketsui Deathtiny ~Kizuna jigoku tachi~ PS4 released!

Ketsui for PS4 has been released on disc and as downloadable (PSN) my M2. See their website here:

The package contains:

  • The game disc
  • DLC: Game mode “IKD 2007 SPECIAL (2007 CAVE MATSURI VER.)”, which is a special version of “Ketsui” which was playable only one day at the cave festival in 2007 and 2018 respectively.
  • DLC: BGM set “VIRT ARRANGE”, this is is an arrangement by Jake “virt” Kaufman who worked on BGM of “Shanti” series and “Shovel Night”. As well as a song designed for the Arrange mode of “Angry Princess Beast Revival Black Label” for Xbox 360, but this time it was the first time for Mr. VIRT’s song “Ketsui” to be played.
  • Initial production benefits: 48P (planned) booklet

You can purchase a copy already at Amazon Japan here. There is even a special “Amazon edition”, although it is not known what will be the extra.