Pink Sweets Suicide Club ??

CAVE seems to have still some surprises up their sleeve. Over at shumps forum pictures of a seemingly alternative version of Pink Sweets have been posted.
This is of course very exciting news! Especially since it is a PCB – no emulation, nor PC or anything.

By now, some good details have emerged about what has been changed:

Changes from the original PS:

    -Rank meter visible on screen, starting at 350.000 and maxing out at 999.999.
    -Zan counter visible on screen and lowered to 1200 (original PS was 2500).
    -You can collect up to three rose hips. Third one appears in the middle right below your ship.
    -Abundant changes in the background graphics.
    -The flashy blue bullets that e.g. the first Scrambled Egg shoots after its defeat are now red and much easier to see.
    -Stage 5 is now named “Crevasse” and looks nothing like a desert anymore.
    -Generally more bullets, faster increasing rank and higher difficulty.
    -Some enemies have a higher resilience (e.g. the midsized round enemies at the beginning of stage 4).
    -Snake sections seem more fair (?).
    -Stage 5 boss laser attack is now much easier and not a problem anymore.
    -No infinite lives. Maximum lives in stock is 5.
    -It is now a three-button game with quite a complex control mechanism.
    – Pay particular attention to the fact that you can now cancel your rose cracker without changing speed!

There will be 2 places where you can see this in action, in May 2018 at Stunfest (France) and at the arcade Mikado (Japan)