Psyvariar Delta for PS4 and Switch

Psyvariar, a classic on the Taito G-Net system created by Success has been ported to PS4 and the Switch. It is not a remake, but what you can call an enhanced port.

Psyvariar Delta contains Psyvariar –Medium Unit- and Psyvariar –Revision- in HD resolution and it will have an additional mode (no info on this yet).

The game can already be ordered. There are 3 versions available:

Switch Standard $29.99: … -exclusive
Switch Limited Edition $39.99: … ndo-switch
Switch Premium Edition $99.99 (Japanese) … e-preorder

PS4 Standard edition $29.99: … -exclusive
PS4 Limited Edition $39.99: … viar-delta
PS4 Premium Edition $99.99 (Japanese) … e-preorder