The Game Paradise: Cruising Mix Special announced!

Excellent news; an expanded version of The Game Paradise: Cruising Mix has been announced to be released 29th November 2018 called The Game Paradise: Cruising Mix Special !

It will include a lot of new play elements, such as Tatsujin which is jointly developed with Toaplan.
There is not much known of the other new things yet, that will be announced later.

Weekly Famitsu (September 13, 2018 issue) has an interview with The Game Paradise creator and director Masahiro Arai, assistant director Naoki Kazaana, and Tatsujin representative Masahiro Yuge.

For who forgot, it started in the arcades in 1995 where Jaleco released “The Game Paradise”. In 1997 the game was ported to the consoles. In 2017 they released “The Game Paradise: Cruising Mix”, which was an updated version.