Touhou 16.5: Secret Sealing Nightmare Diary – August release!

Touhou 16.5: Secret Sealing Nightmare Diary ~ Violet Detector, a new game from ZUN has been announced to release on august 10!

“High school girls who come to Gensokyo only in their dreams, made a mysterious dream that Usami Riko watched as a game. The game can be played casually, but with a somewhat disturbing story attached to a system with the same feeling as Senga Fudashi, which shoots the barrage using a supernatural power and aims at SNS shining, but it is an outstanding game.”

He will firstly release it on Comiket94, more commonly known as “Comiket”, as the name suggests this is the 94th time the biannual Comic Market will be held. The focus of this event is not on the big publishers but on “dojinshi” – small, independent artists and publishers who often create comics in small runs.

More: (translated: here)


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