Wings Of Bluestar

Wings Of Bluestar is a hori bullet hell shmup in development by Shinu Real Arts which is looking very promising!!

Shinu Real Arts is a very small indie game dev studio, the game is in development since 2016 and their intent is to release the game mid 2019 on Steam. There is mention of a kickstarter project that will be launched soon.

WoB will feature:

  • HD 2D hand-drawn graphics
  • 4 difficulties
  • Local 2 players mode
  • Combo/highscoring mechanism
  • Various endings
  • Story mode with dialog choices
  • Boss rush mode
  • Unlockables (artwork and trophies)
  • In-game feature shop

The music you can hear on some of the videos is really cool, I do hope those are the real tracks and not specifically for the trailers/shows. Equally the sound effects do the job quite well.

On the graphics side the game really shines; it is clear there are (or “is”?) some good artists working on this. The backgrounds are rich, detailed and fit really nice. There are all sorts of details that you can see. The moving objects, like the ship and enemies are equally visually nice too look at.
There is certainly no shortage of bullets, if you look at all the images and videos you will notice at certain points the screen can be filled up with moving objects and loads of bullets! I can only hope this will not disturb the balance of playability.

How it will play, we will have to wait for a playable demo. They promised it will be available, which will contain the first stage. I am really looking forward to this!

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